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why KU scammers are like puppy mills

First, it is never the puppy's fault. Never. Nor is it the mother dog's fault. It's the breeder.

That said, ghost writers, creating original content* under contract, and likely under horrible payment plans for their book babies, aren't at fault either.

Nope. It's the scammers. It's the "marketing geniuses" who claim you need to put out a story every four weeks. It's the same "marketing geniuses" who direct budding authors to "use teal font," or "write about billionaires who have forgotten babies."

They whip story plots until the market is saturated with inbred content, story clones of "best selling" books, killing competition, and burning out writers. They are puppy mills for stories. Pretty soon you have anemic plots that need severe medical attention because they sound and look just like another anemic plot. They kill the creative geniuses who ghost write (figuratively) by demanding yet another story with Stockholm syndrome "alpha" heroines. (cough, cough.)

It's not the puppy's fault. Yet, how much of it is the buyer's fault? If we don't KNOW it is a puppy mill for Kindle Unlimited content, are we to blame for wanting another story which touches something inside? Is the story puppy any less loved despite being anemic? Am I a bad book reader for returning severely ill stories when what I wanted was a strong story? The cover looked like it would be a beautiful story.

Then, you buy the mutt of a book. From a private breeder - I mean indie author. You love it. You love it so much, you buy another. And it isn't as good. It is rushed. Nurturing (aka rewrites and plot deconstruction/reconstruction) hasn't occurred to make it the best book it can be, because the indie author has to compete with the puppy mills.

It's not the puppy's fault. But, you the reader, can return the puppy to an indie author. Write the author and let them know why you returned it. And then, blog about it warning others about the greater problem.

Enjoy the VERY cute puppies in the photo. I'm certain they were born to a loving household and found their perfect forever homes, because they deserve that.

*Plagarism is a crime. Good ghost writers don't plagarize. Bad people DO ask ghost writers to plagarize. That's a whole 'nuther subject for blog post - something on the order of dog fighting and plagarism.

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