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Why I write

Today, just this morning in fact, I read a post by an author about ther scamming on Kindle/Amazon.

I'lI admit, this particular phrase struck a nerve: "...[I'm] contemplating whether it's [a career in writing] is worth it or not."

You see, the #copypastecris and other scams have disheartened me too. I wonder if the Kindle platform is worth it or not.

I'm not on Kindle to get rich. Those days are past. It's pretty defeatist to say that. The thing is, I didn't go lightly into the path of writing. I started making stories to match drawings since I could hold a crayon. Serious pursuit of writing kick started in 2002. The path to published author researched starting in 2009. The warnings were out there, you won't get rich, you will languish unknown, querying is an art form.

For all that, the underlying urge to tell the story remained. There's at least four unwritten stories rattling around in my brain's basement, or attic.

That's why I write. Just this morning I gained more insight into Snake's heroine. I wrote it down, because that story rattled its chains.

Whether they see daylight through Kindle or some other platform remains to be seen.

Readers and authors and publishers need to speak out when scam artists chip away at the foundations of the industry.

But (and this is where I'll get in trouble with some), if you're writing just to get rich, aren't you just as much to blame?

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