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What's in a name

Finally nailed down a name for the release on March 31.

Normally book launches take months when dealing with a traditional publisher. Being my own boss I can apply lean techniques from my day job into the lifecycle of a launch. It also means it all is on me.

Well, not all of it. I pushed the title and a few others out to my critique group (who have come to know Indy - the poor dears) and my other half. One of the complaints is that my titles are beginnging to sound the same. That's on purpose, because it is part of a series, and because of the original cover design for Down in Blood forcing me into choosing a word that would stand out apart from the rest.

All of this was put into consideration as I narrowed down choices. Then I put those choices in front of a chosen few who debated whether it sounded right or not. All of the choices come from something that is said in the books I write. This one went a bit deeper and combined factors of my two leading characters as well. I'll let you guess which is which when you read it.

Announcement for the day is: The title for Indy's book will be "Dreams in the Dark"

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