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Walt and Mary

I'm not finished with Chris DeSantos's story, and already Walt is pushing his way into my head. (He's a pushy guy.)

There's one remedy for that. Figure out how to push him back. Mary is just the kick ass woman to do this, as soon as she figures out her own demons, that is. Yesterday, she told me a tidbit of her back story. She had a sister, and has a niece. (take note of the tense, there) Considering Mary doesn't talk to her family (revealed in "Dreams in the Dark"), this was a bit of a revelation to me. It also will explain WHY she doesn't talk with her family.

How to make that push Walt? That's going to be tricky. Which means research and a bunch of odd questions to people, because the push I'm considering will make him question a whole lot of things.

He's probably closer to a good guy than many of my characters in that book universe. Trouble is, that puts him into a much grayer realm. If he's a good guy, then why does he lead a group affiliated with the not good guys? It's going to take some digging to find his inner white knight. (If he has one, if he doesn't, all that digging is going to end up getting him killed off in someone else's book. I'm kidding, I think.) And, I thought Indy was complex!

In the meantime, "Dreams in the Dark" is available for pre-order, and I'm ALMOST ready to finish my month-long slog to publishing on that project. That will free up time for Chris and Alexis's book.

Side note: Why the heck are there so many darn "s's" in that universe? It makes possessives editing a nightmare. GRRRR!

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