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The well...

When doing the "business" work, you hear a lot of what you "should" be doing. You should be on this platform or that platform. You should create a newsletter and a mailing list. You should be "Bookstagramming." You should be promoting your work at all times. You should be mixing 80 percent of your social feed with "relatable" content, not all book-related content. You should be on GoodReads. You should avoid GoodReads because there are extortionists out there threatening one-star reviews unless you buy their service.


You can see at least one or two things there that conflict with other things. Then let's really look at all of this. The big question is: Are you WRITING? How can you when there's all that other work? The well of inspiration and creation begins to RUN DRY from all the work.

Well... well. That won't do.

Then there's advice that says, "you do you."

Well... this is one person who doesn't take advice well, and doesn't follow rules well. That "you do you" advice sounds PRETTY DARN GOOD. And it feels naughty to NOT FOLLOW THE RULES!

So, if I don't have a newsletter, it is because I can barely blog on a regular basis. The second reason is, I HATE NEWSLETTERS. Seriously I hate them. I unsubscribe or basically junk-email them immediately. Who has TIME to read someone's thinly disguised promo dri... oh, HI, being "good" today so filtering that last comment. But I know myself. I don't do newsletters. I don't "Bookstagram." I BARELY FACEBOOK anymore because it's a drain. (<<life hack link!) In my bio I say, you can find me on Twitter, but you might regret it. I mean that. That's where I went to find a placebo for the troll-laden kingdom chat when I left MMO games. I found Twitter was a much more diverse pool of the same character archtypes. You can choose your own adventure every day. And, the character limitation allows for a very speedy exodus back to writing more stuff.

And isn't that what you're waiting for from an author?

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