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"The Dead Call Us to Remember"

My segment for the "Remembering Ryan" anthology is done. (16.8k words) I submitted it in the wee hours of Sunday this week. Here's a bit of "back story" which is hinted at in this short story. Claude (not his real name, which is John Edward Vann) is from Oklahoma. There's significance in that - as he is distantly related to his fellow Ranger teammate, SPC Harkins. (Even though these are FICTIONAL characters, I do like to link them to real-world history or provide names/places which are as real as I can make them in my imagination - ALL mistakes are mine.)

Now, FANS will know the Harkins last name from "Down In Blood" - not the SPC part, but the last name and that character's nickname, Ice. (Yes, he has an appearance or three in the short story.)

Link to a research PDF where I found the title, and more history on the last name: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~tiya/images/VannFinal.pdf and look on Amazon for the anthology link HERE: mybook.to/RRyan_anthology_ARCase

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