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Start Small

Today was the first day of the Washington Romance Writers (virtual) Conference. One tip for social media was: "Start Small" Don't try to do it all at once - or don't try to take on too much at once. Not every social media type is the right fit. Some flourish on Facebook or Instagram, others Twitter, YouTube, or TikTok. You got to find your own fit. An even bigger thing to remember is to not let the marketing eat up writing time.

Frankly, it is easy to let the platform you're using suck up your time.

One way to step back and focus on the things that are important is to filter out the noise. For Facebook, that may mean adding a Chrome extension to shut down the visibility of the news feed. You open Facebook and all your content connections to the right are still there waiting and ready for you to search when YOU are ready to look, BUT there's a big HOLE where those cute entertainment games, the infuriating sensational headlines, the posts upon posts of memes and clickbait luring you to just read the article for a few moments! Well, no more. One can't click on something never seen. HA! take that, Facebook.

There are tools like this for Twitter as well. Although, I have no clue how empty that place would look.

One addiction at a time.

OH, almost forgot THERE'S A RAFFLE!!! (click here) (not mine, for WRW - there's chocolate!)

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