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My fruit fly weekend

You ever feel like when you have the most time to do something, nothing gets done?

Between travelling from one music event to another, checking up on weather details (stay safe, folks, if possible!), and simply soaking in the time off from the day job, this three day weekend flew by. I woke up to alarm 1 (as it is MONDAY, after all) and swiped it silent. When alarm 2 went off, I was thinking, what the heck? It's the weekend, darn it!

Then realization hit.

It's MONDAY. Ugh. All that time now had a deadline, expiration point, and finite lifespan. It became the annoying fruit fly.

With that, I got to work. My marketing plan got at least a good half hour of tinkering, critiques were started, and promptly stopped. (Reason being my inner snark won't shut off enough to be helpful, and not snide.) And a blog post was long over due. Despite a list of topics I could write about, I was at a loss as to what would be "fruit"ful. Hence -- this disjointed commentary.

Marketing insight/tip: But here's one thing I did that was productive. I linked this blog to my Twitter feed through Circleboom. That way, any time I post here, it goes out without having to manually push it. YAY! You can also schedule posts to hit when the majority of your followers are online. (and, when you want to go watch an open jam instead of staying at home staring at your computer. Double Yay!)

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