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Link to great trailer advice. 

Below is a link to book trailer advice. I've been researching this, and asking questions to decide.

Things like,

How is it done now?

What is good?

What is terrible?

Mechanics, how long?

Captions, voice over or text, which is best for different types of social media?

I'm asking both subjective and mechanical questions. The worst part is I know what I personally don't like. I know professionals, and how they create video content. And, I see so much saturation of content which isn't targeted, emotionally resonant, poorly edited, amateur, and basically a waste of advertising expenditure.

All of which I want to avoid.

This article nails a lot of the right advice. Which makes it worthy of a share.


Of most importance is this:

Entertainment – make ‘em laugh; then make ‘em cry

If you do nothing else in any of your advertising (aside from a link to purchase the darn book) do that.

Make 'em laugh; then make 'em cry.

That's even better as writing advice.

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