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It was a dark and stormy night...

This one will be as short as it can be because I've a couple deadlines. Mostly this post is about rules, breaking them, knowing when to break them, and a bit of random stuff.

We're told as writers to "open with a bang," "show don't tell," "Never start with the weather." I know so many instances where each and every one of these axioms are not true. The question then is asked, How does so and so get to break the rules and I don't? Or better question, when do the rules apply and when do they not? But the best question of all is this: Are they really rules? The answer is, no. There's no rules. If there were, e e cummings would have been arrested.

Knowing why the rules, ahem..., axioms are accepted as fact requires diving deep into the many shades of gray that writing encompasses. And all the rainbow colors, too. And no colors, no words, no norms, no thought.


Yeah, you heard me, no thought. Don't think so much. Feel. Listen to the cadence of your heart. Use words as you use breath. Understand without thinking, become one with the emotion. Lastly, don't be afraid to channel your inner child (like my fond memories of Snoopy...) and just be whatever you want on page.

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