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If you were an icon...

Branding is one of those very complicated an personal things. Some know exactly who they are from the start. They have a certain symbol, color, or favorite image which defines them. For me it wasn't that easy. I could tap on my gaming side and pick a wolf. But it wouldn't truly portray "bad." I could use the skull necklace (which I made) and use a stripped down graphic of a skull but I'm not certain I want to be tied to that forever.

It got me thinking about my past. What one thing screams leather, rock-n-roll, or "bad girl" better than those pointy studs. As a teen in the 80s I wore those armbands and was front and center for Quiet Riot screaming, "Cum on feel the noise!!!" (Yeah, Mom hated that song. But I'm certain "Darling Nikki" was near heart-attack inducing.) And yes, I had the EXPLICIT version. (Take that, PRMC!!)

Fun and games aside, the metal stud has a lot of memories, symbolism, plus is versitile. You could apply it to the wolf — if you could ever get her to wear a collar — the rock chick, and the bad girl. So, here it is. My icon. Look for it as a favicon (those little symbols in your browser tab) and other places.

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