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I suck at marketing

Let me count the ways...

1. instead of making ads, I'm writing a book that likely won't launch until December.

2. The book I'm supposed to be writing (and is scheduled to launch in September) is outlined and collecting dust.

3. The book I'm launching in May is in the midst of limited Beta reads, and I can't figure out a title or a cover model. Nothing is striking me in that "just right" mode.

4. And did I mention, I suck at marketing so instead of hyping up said May book, I'm here writing a non-promo post? (if I could give my-own-self a side-eye, it's happening right now.)

Complaining aside, let's switch gears a bit. What makes May's book great?

First, it has a big, burly, surly bald-headed biker (anti)hero who takes no crap. What's better than getting under his rough exterior than kids, am I right?

But Mary doesn't have kids so how does that happen?

Oh boy, let me tell you... it involves a late-night call, his pristine SUV, and sick kids. (Parents... you KNOW where this is going)

That's all for now since I like to keep these posts digestible.

(May's book is Walt and Mary's if you're wondering... and Destroyers #3 if you don't know who Walt and Mary are.)

Shameless plug: Destroyer's #2 Dreams in the Dark (Indy's book) is FREE until March 17, 2020.

More free days coming soon.

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