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How zombies help you avoid passive voice

Updated: Aug 18, 2019


This blog (and podcast) hit on a very good trick.

Add "by zombies" after your verb.

Wait, did I just do that? Yes, I did. But it doesn't make sense if I remove the quotes. If it does make sense, chances are the sentence is passive.

Are zombies passive? Any ways. I'm going to try it out.

Right now.

He was chased... *by zombies. Zombies chased him.

The cat sat... *by zombies <<hey that works, but it isn't passive. The cat licked it's leg as the zombies watched, Their empty guts churned in hunger. One of the dead throng coughed up a hairball. The cat meowed in solidarity, but it rang hollow against sunken eye sockets.

Ah well. Play time is over. Back to writing the books. Have fun with this one. : )

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