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Book Spotlight: Hope to Lie

Here's some insight into the second DeSantos book.

Hope to Lie is an "opposites attract" romance. Usually, it is the male of an M/F pairing who's the "Oscar" but that got flipped on its head in the planning of the book. Chris DeSantos is the kind of guy who has to control EVERYTHING. Of course, his foil, and love interest, has to be the opposite. Here's a taste of how Alexis describes herself:

“Happy Birthday, Chris.”

He blinked and then swallowed. “Thanks. It wasn’t as bad I thought it would be. You’re good company.”

“Remember that when you go back to the fish-soup-eating shrew who dumped you. You’ll miss me. I was a much better birthday present. Some assembly required, past performance does not guarantee returns and all that bullsh*t.”

You can see she's not your average romance heroine. Prepare to be shocked and amused by her antics. Remember, the hero isn't always the "good guy." (or girl!)

COMING in 2021: The final book in the trilogy will be out this year! Catch up on them while you can. Get Hope to Lie here. Follow my social feeds for more mayhem:

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