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B-Stories and Buffy

There's a point in most stories where the writing is chugging away and it seems like the ideas won't stop.


Bam. It all stops.

That's when you go back to the books, read more on plot, discover your characters core wounds, etc.

Today's link comes from Flying Wrestler, who creates the most relatable breakdowns of Blake Snyder's beats Ice ever read.

Here's the link: https://www.flyingwrestler.com/2018/11/b-story/

The nugget of gold in this is that B stories have their own plot.

Oh, sweetie, we KNOW that.

Do you? Have you plotted out the B-Story, and matched it to its own beat sheet? Have you figured out the GMC (Goal, Motivation, Conflict)?

That's my homework today. Figuring out the B-story for Walt's book. (Hint, it's Mary's story).

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