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Advice for the self-published

First, announcement time: there's a panel discussion at the Baltimore Book Festival on Sunday, November 3 where industry professionals will host a panel discussion on Self Publishing 101.

In prep for this, and posted on another forum, here's some things to consider if you self publish.

1. You own your business, the success or failure depends all on you, the team you hire and pay (should you choose this route) and how much work you put into your market research and product development.

2. Don't do it for the prestige, money, or praise. There's always critics. The market is oversaturated. One book getting fame is more difficult than a lightning strike, especially if you've done nothing to create your own lightning.

3. Don't let the business end rob you of the joy of creating. This is the PRIMARY reason most writers stop writing, the work seems insurmountable. It is a lot of work, I'm not going to lie. But breaking the work up, applying it in steady measure, getting savvy to the whys and hows will pay off eventually. But if you give up on writing, IT WILL NEVER COME. So, PROTECT that portion of your life from the work parts. Be creative, rest your business brain and nurture your creative brain. Learn to LOVE the parts which build that love. Now that's all general advice, but often I feel it goes unsaid, or is spoken from a bitter heart. The balance is vital to long term growth as a self owned business. Lastly, be realistic, but speak your vision out loud. Say, "I will publish that book."

"I will learn marketing."

"I will learn healthy business habits so I can write full time in 5 years." (or 7 or 20, etc.)

"I will build my public speaking persona in order to effectively promote my book." Each visualization is a promise and an actionable goal.

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