A.R. Case believes the hero isn't always the good guy. She writes romantic suspense and contemporary romance. She is active in the writing community with workshops on villains and anti-heroes. You can find her on Twitter (and maybe Facebook), but you may regret it. :)

After multiple day job stints, she's found a balance between video production and writing. Out of the numerous odd jobs in her life, one of the most interesting could be described as: "if it doesn't blind you, burn you, freeze you, or blow you up, we don't do it." She's traveled extensively in the northern continent of America and once this stupid quarantine lifts, watch out Europe and Asia... just saying.

Current projects include The Destroyers series, book three of the DeSantos trilogy, a short paranormal about undead mercenaries, and a project described as "What happens when your mechanic blackmails you into a reality TV show."

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